Asthma is a leading chronic disease in children and the number one cause of missed school days.  Asthma is the third leading cause of hospitalizations for children under 15 years old.

Open Airways for Schools is an American Lung Association’s evidence based asthma management program for children 8-11 years old.  It is delivered in a group setting.  The program is delivered over 6 sessions and each session is between 30-40 minutes.

Open Airways for Schools teaches students the steps to prevent an asthma episode, recognize signs and symptoms of an attack, understanding asthma triggers, and medications.  It also encourages students to be physically active and tips on doing well at school.

For schools in Delaware, there is funding available to provide a FREE Open Airways for Schools Facilitator Training.  Anyone can become a trained facilitator!  If you are a Delaware school nurse, support staff, or work in a community center, church this would be a great program to implement and help children with asthma better understand how to manage it!

How does the Open Airways for Schools Facilitator Training Work?

There are two pieces to the training.  The first part of the training takes place online.  This includes the American Lung Association’s Signature Asthma Awareness Program called Asthma Basics.  The second piece to the online training is Open Airways for Schools Online.

The second, follow up training will take place in person.  Upon completion of the second part of the training, the facilitator will receive the facilitator guide, Poster Flip Chart, CD-ROM with handouts and instructional video.  The program curriculum and poster are also in Spanish.

Once the facilitator sets up an Open Airways for Schools Program, the student participants will receive a spacer and peak flow meter.  The school/community organization will receive 1 nebulizer.














The Open Airways for Schools Facilitator Training is available for FREE for Delaware community organizations and schools.   

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