Individuals spend about 90% of their time indoors.  For individuals with asthma, identifying asthma “triggers”, or things that make asthma worse is extremely important.  Sometimes these triggers can be found in your home.  In fact, according to the EPA, it is estimated at your home can have up to 70 times more pollutants than outdoor air.

How does Delaware’s Over the Phone, Home Asthma Assessment Program Work?

After you register for the program, a nurse or Respiratory Therapist from the American Lung Association’s Lung Health Line will contact you via telephone. The Lung Health Line Specialist will ask a series of questions pertaining to rooms in your home. These questions will help identify potential asthma triggers. Once the Over the Phone, Home Asthma Assessment Program is completed, the Lung Health Specialist and parent will come up with ideas and strategies to reduce key asthma triggers in the home. This phone call will last between 20-30 minutes.

After the base line survey, a three month and six month follow up phone call will take place. These additional calls will provide extra support for parents. After completing the Over the Phone, Home Asthma Assessment Program, parents receive a $50 Walmart Gift Card!

This program is available for all Delaware parents who have children with asthma.

How do I register for the Delaware Over the Phone, Home Asthma Assessment Program?

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