Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes airways to become inflamed (swollen), mucus to produce and muscles to tighten.


Nationally there is an estimated 18.1 million adults living with asthma. Not only does asthma have around $50 billion dollars in direct health care costs, there is an estimated $6 billion dollars lost indirectly due to lost work productivity. Asthma is connected with nearly 14 million missed workdays.

In Delaware, about 9.2% of adults are living with asthma which equals about 66,000 adults over the age of 18 are living with asthma. Although there is not a cure for asthma, there are strategies available to help live without asthma symptoms. With proper management, individuals can live symptom free.

The first step for better asthma control is to talk to your doctor. With your doctor’s help he/she can help you determine which medications you need to take and when, help identify when signs and symptoms of an asthma attack and provide information for identifying asthma triggers.

In Delaware, education to help adults manage their asthma is available!
Breathe Well, Live Well is an adult asthma management program designed to help better understand asthma and improve management skills.

Breathe Well, Live Well Facilitator Training
If you work with adults with asthma, the American Lung Association in Delaware can provide a facilitator training to help you deliver this program to the community. Along with the 3 hour in person training, you will also receive the facilitator guide and 10 participant workbooks. In addition, you will receive asthma awareness posters, spacers and peak flow meters to distribute to your participants.

Breathe Well, Live Well Clinic
The American Lung Association in Delaware can deliver the Breathe Well, Live Well Clinic at your community setting. This program is delivered over two hours. Participants will receive their workbook, spacer, peak flow meter and literature and resources to help improve asthma outcomes.

Breathe Well, Live Well Self Help Guide
Breathe Well, Live Well® The Guide to Managing Your Asthma at Home and Work Our empowering self-help guide explains asthma and shows individuals how to develop self-management skills and build support teams at home and at work.


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