What is the Delaware Asthma Consortium:

To improve the health status and quality of life of Delaware residents and their families affected by asthma.

To dedicate expertise and resources in order to develop and implement a sustainable statewide asthma strategic plan.

The plan shall expand and improve:

  • The quality of asthma care and management
  • Education and awareness
  • Prevention
  • Evaluation of asthma programming efforts

Members of the Delaware Asthma Consortium are a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of agencies, organizations and individuals in Delaware concerned with asthma.  This group is committed to the sharing of mutual expertise and resources in addressing and reducing the burden of asthma in Delaware.

It is a state-wide organization providing guidance and recommendations around the implementation and on-going development of the most recent Delaware Asthma Strategic Plan.  The Delaware Asthma Consortium is managed by the American Lung Association in Delaware and is funded through the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services.

In 2014, the Delaware Asthma Consortium came together to develop the first Delaware Asthma Strategic Plan.  This plan was created to help guide programs and initiatives across the state. The following areas were identified as goals of the Delaware Asthma Consortium:

  • Improve delivery of healthcare for asthma through collaborative professional and patient education
  • Increase the number of asthma friendly indoor environments within the following settings:
       Child care centers
       Community settings
  • Create asthma friendly outdoor environments
  • Identify and reduce health disparities in Delaware
  • Develop and advocate for public policy that would ensure access to asthma education
  • Use evaluation data to define the burden of asthma, guide policy, program planning, and assess the impact of the strategic plan process
  • Maintain and expand the Delaware Asthma Consortium to increase asthma awareness across Delaware

To learn more about the Delaware Asthma Strategic Plan, visit the following website:

To learn more about the Delaware Burden of Asthma Report 2016, visit the following website:

In addition to the Delaware Burden of Asthma Report 2016, take a look at the infographic:
Delaware Burden of Asthma Inforgraphic 2016